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 Cost Efficiency:


Boxes stacked on the floor in a self-

storage unit waste rented space and can actually cost up to $.75 per box per month. When a unit is filled, another entire unit must be rented, greatly increasing the monthly cost of storing each box.




Sending your employees to locate

boxes or files will cost wages, payroll expenses, liability insurance, mileage and lost productivity at your office. Employees may not want to enter self-storage units, which can be hot, cold, dusty or damp and also unorganized.

Accurately managing records within

a self-storage unit is difficult as no

computer record keeping is available at that location.




Everyone renting from a self-storage facility uses the same access code to enter the property.

The material stored in the other units is unknown and possibly hazardous. Self-storage units generally do not meet Federal and State privacy and safety standards for storing or accessing sensitive documents.


                  Cost Efficiency:


Monthly storage cost per standard size

box is less than $.02 per day. You only pay for what you need.

Our service is charged on an as-needed

basis, removing the need for a client to

hire extra file clerks or couriers.





Access to your records is available with only a few hours notice.

Files or boxes can be delivered to your office, eliminating the need for a client's

employees to leave the work place. Items being sent or returned to storage are picked up at the client's convenience and re-filed at our facility according to computer indexing.







Records are stored in a building equipped with infrared motion detectors and ceiling sprinklers that are monitored 24/7 by the local Fire and Police Departments.

We do not store any hazardous or combustible materials. Our facility is in full compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Act, as well as Federal and State safety guidelines. 

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